At Digitek, we adopted a formal approach to quality assurance. Our two-fold quality principle is -

  • Quality has to be measurable
  • Cost of Quality should be minimum

We establish strict standards of operational and procedural quality and more importantly, we implement them vigorously. High-quality service and solutions is our core strength. We maintain this attitude from the very inception and till the completion of the project, and even beyond that. Our strong adherence to “Incremental Delivery” & “First Time Correct” has helped our customers achieve their COQ budget.

At Digitek, we use two methods to measure our performance and quality. We use a client’s overall satisfaction measurement and an individual consultant performance evaluation. The main goal of these measurements is to enhance and increase the quality of work performed by the consulting staff and Digitek’s support organizations.

Since 1994, Digitek has stood the test of time by consistently delivering solutions of superior quality at competitive prices. The firm developed and adheres to proprietary methodologies, which provides precision matching of solutions and talent as per our client's requirements. Dun & Bradstreet, an independent third party, conducts quality surveys of services performed and provides feedback to Digitek. Digitek stands for “QUALITY that is MEASURABLY SUPERIOR”.

Digitek is well-known for its ability to deliver high-quality IT solutions and professionals, when and where they are needed, at a reasonable price.

This ability has earned us the privilege to be the most preferred vendor to many corporations and public agencies of all sizes, including US Federal Government as a GSA Scheduled IT service provider, and a Microsoft “Certified Partner.”

Digitek's quality reputation has been built on four primary factors:


Through the development of processes, methods, tools and procedures, Digitek has developed a robust set of methodologies for managing the implementation and deployment of quality solutions and professionals that meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

Resource Reach and Retention of Top-Quality Professionals: Digitek has an unmatched ability to find and deliver the required quality resources when needed for our clients’ solutions or staffing requirements, with a SERVICE LEVEL that is greater than 95%. The process also includes ongoing performance measurement and monitoring of the staff.

Quality Processes:

Our quality processes track and monitor the quality of the solutions and professionals that Digitek delivers. This quality process starts with understanding the requirements, and continues through its implementation. Our latest quality performance evaluation results as per an independent survey by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) rates our client’s satisfaction between Very Good and Outstanding, with outstanding being the highest rating.

The Management Team: Our senior management team comprises of IT professionals with extensive experience in managing and staffing large IT projects for major corporations. This management team experience and insight of managing and staffing projects has guided and directed the development of the company's methodologies, that continually exceed our clients' expectations.