IT Staffing



Digitek adheres to proprietary processes, methods and disciplines that deliver High Quality services. Primary driver for IT consulting is value and we firmly believe that the delivery of this value must be through measurable business results. We have consistently exceeded customer expectations by delivering on measurable parameters, be it lower costs, quicker time-to-market or greater productivity.

Digitek provides its clients with a pre-qualified pool of systems talent from our superior talent pool of professionals. As a result, we are capable of deploying resources rapidly with virtually no overhead expense.

Service Offerings: Digitek's reputation is its ability to deliver high quality IT solutions and professionals, when and where they are needed, at a competitive rate.

Technologies supported by services offerings:

  • ERP/E-Commerce/CRM
  • Web
  • Client Server
  • Object Oriented Development - Java/.Net
  • Legacy Systems
  • Database
  • Networking