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State Governments

State Governments

State Government is one of the primary sectors being served by Digitek for many years. Being based in Columbus, OH for all these years, State of Ohio is one of the prominent clients for Digitek; here are some of the credentials at a glance:

Digitek is a State of Ohio - STS (State Term Schedule) service provider.

  • STS Contract Number 534009
  • NIGP Code 964-00-99-033-1
  • Certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) by the State of Ohio
  • Certified EDGE Company by the State of Ohio
  • Digitek is also working actively with Computer Aid, Inc (CAI) as a VMS Partner providing services to many of the Ohio State Agencies

In addition to Ohio, Digitek is an approved Vendor and has active engagements with many other State Governments including Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, Kansas, and Washington

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