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Federal Government

Digitek is a US Federal Government GSA Schedule service provider.

  • GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-0544S, Schedule 70
  • Certified Small Business:
  • PRO-Net ID - P0181170
  • CAGE Code - 1J3M7
  • NAICS: 541511, 541512, 541519
    • FPDS Code D302 IT Systems Development Services
    • FPDS Code D306 IT Systems Analysis Services
    • FPDS Code D308 Programming Services
    • FPDS Code D311 IT Data Conversion Services
    • FPDS Code D316 IT Network Management Services
    • FPDS Code D399 Other Information Technology Services

Client: A Mid Western State Department of Education

This Mid Western State Department of Education, sensed a need some time in 2001 to tie up with a few reliable companies to take help for their software development projects. After a detailed evaluation process ( based on an open RFP ) where they reviewed several proposals and selected Digitek as one of the trusted partner to handle their staff augmentation needs for software development and maintenance projects on various platforms. This partnership has been established for an initial period of five years and it can be renewed thereafter.

Digitek has helped the client on the following Projects:

Project: Community Schools Payment Process System ( CSPS )
The client has a Community Schools Payment Process application based on Legacy System that has the main objective to handle payment and related processes for all the employees. To incorporate changing business needs, the client wanted enhancements and modification to this old legacy system. Digitek resource helped them to evaluate the current system and based on the evaluation, various enhancements have been implemented.

Technology Platform: COBOL, Alpha Open VMS

Project: Oracle Financials 11.0.3 Implementation and Upgrade to 11i
The client needed to convert the old Legacy Accounting System to a more user friendly and enhanced Oracle based Accounting System. The overall project computerized business processes such as Grants Management, Project Accounting, Budgeting, Payables, Receivables, Human Resource and Time Management, General Ledger. Digitek resources have performed installation of Oracle Apps version 11.0.3 and are currently engaged in the upgrade process to Oracle Apps 11i from the current version.

Technology Platform: Oracle Financials 11.0.3, 11i (11.5.7), Windows 2000 Advance Server, Windows NT, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

Project: Database Design and Optimization The client has several MS SQL server databases. Digitek is helping them for designing, optimization and maintenance of these databases. Some of the stored Procedures were taking close to 90 minutes to complete all the processes. As these processes have now been optimized by Digitek team, it takes less than five minutes for them to complete.

Technology Platform: SQL Server 7.0/2000 on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, IIS, Crystal Enterprise Servers, Brio Enterprise Servers and Business Objects Servers/ Compaq Servers

Client: A Mid Western State Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

This Mid Western State Department of Rehabilitation and Correction houses the fifth largest prison population in the country. The prison system takes in over 21,000 new inmates each and every year. On top of this, it releases some 20,000. The current population tops 46,000 and most – nearly 85% are high school dropouts.

The client identified a need to migrate legacy inmate data and tracking information to a new web-based system. The old system which has licensing and technology limitations, had been in place since 1987.

The demands upon the system have tripled since its inception. The Department is now undergoing a massive conversion from an old legacy Novell Clipper-based system to an updated Oracle 9iAS environment.

Digitek personnel have been instrumental in developing an Oracle 9iAS based system which helps produce various statistical reports using mission critical data that had been previously unavailable to the department's personnel.

Technology Platform: Oracle 9iAS, Oracle 9i Developer Suite, (Designer, Developer, JDeveloper & Discoverer), PL/SQL, Java, JSP

Client: A Mid Western State Rehabilitation Commission

This Mid Western State Rehabilitation Commission is the state agency responsible for the mission to help people with disabilities become employed and independent.

One of the Bureau of the Commission handles Disability Determination process, where in claims are reviewed first by an adjudicator and complicated cases are jointly reviewed by a consultant doctor and adjudicator. These consulting doctors are paid through a Consultant Payment System. The client was looking for a reliable partner company to re-design the Consultant Payment System on an AS/400 platform to replace the current WANG based system. Digitek Software helped RSC develop an enhanced Consultant Payment System on IBM AS/400 platform.

In addition, another Digitek team is assisting the client to design and develop a Case Authorization Tracking System which will eventually replace client's current accounting system. The new system is an Object Oriented System based on J2EE and MVC architecture.

Technology Platform: AS/400 (RPG Versions IV, or ILE), Java,J2EE, Rational Tools, RUP, WSAD, WebSphere Application Server.

Client: A Mid Western Department of Public Safety

This Mid Western state Department of Public safety was in the process of developing a system to keep track of the Vehicle Abstract requests coming in from individuals and prepaid accounts. It also sought to develop a Driving School and Instructor License System to keep track of Licenses for Driving Schools, Driving Instructors and Training Managers plus the system needed to keep track of Violations and Action taken against different Entities of schools.

Digitek consultants helped the state agency to design and develop this automated vehicle abstract system, an Intranet application, to create Vehicle Abstract depending on user input like Vehicle Identification Number, SSN, Owners Name, etc. This system keeps track of all the request received and deduction of appropriate amount from the prepaid accounts.

Digitek resource helped the state agency to design and develop the Driving School and Instructor License System, a client server application, to keep track of Licenses issued for Driving School , Driving Instructors, and Training Managers. The system also tracks the Violations and Action taken against different Entities of school.

Both the above systems are now in production helping the state agency achieve their goals.

Technology Platform: VB 6.0, ASP, COM, Oracle 8i/9i, Crystal Report 8.5, IIS

Client: One of the United Nations Agency

United Nations officially came into existence in October 1945 to maintain international peace and security; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems and in promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. The United Nations family is much larger encompassing 15 agencies and several programs and bodies.

One of the United Nations agency has a reasonably large network of Lotus Notes servers. The agency also had a network of cc:Mail servers and the objective was to migrate the cc:Mail to Lotus Notes in addition to provide administration to the Lotus Notes Network.

Digitek consultant helped the agency in the administration of their Lotus Notes environment. The Lotus Notes environment at the agency headquarters comprises of 16 Notes Servers and approx. 5000 clients. The Digitek work included Migration from cc:Mail to Lotus Notes, Administration of all the Notes Servers, Administration of the cc:Mail Network, Ensuring proper backup/restore of User Mail Files, Documentation of Administrative procedures etc.

Technology Platform: Lotus Notes Mail Servers, cc:MTA servers