We have prepared a list of the most common questions we receive from potential employees. If you have specific questions or would like further information, contact our Human Resources Department.

  • 1. Why should I work for Digitek?

    Digitek believes that you are one of our greatest assets. We are committed to providing you with challenging and rewarding positions that best suits your career goals.

    Digitek offers respect, recognition and reward for our professionals. Working with us ensures a bright career, a great work environment and colleagues from diverse cultures. Our highly competitive compensation package is designed to reward you handsomely when you meet and exceed client's expectations.

    For more details, please contact the Human Resources Department.

  • 2. What types of benefits does Digitek offer?

    At Digitek, your salary is only a part of the total benefit package. We offer an impressive range of benefits including competitive and generous compensation, medical plan (health, dental and vision), insurances (life, short-term disability, long-term disability), retirement plans, vacation, holidays and much more. For more details, please contact the Human Resources Department.

  • 3. Who are typical clients of Digitek?

    Digitek has worked with numerous prestigious clients. Our client list covers a wide range of industries in both public and private sector. We have provided our services to clients in various industries including banking, Housing Finance, Technology, Petroleum, Textiles, Property, Manufacturing and Telecommunication.Please visit our Client page to learn more.

  • 4. Where do Digitek professionals work?

    Digitek provides both on-site consulting and off-site project services to our clients. We have an offices in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. We provide opportunities that are almost limitless and without geographical boundaries.

  • 5. What are the frequency and the criteria for my performance evaluation?

    At Digitek, your performance is reviewed on a continual basis.

    Performance appraisals usually occur annually. There are other times when a performance appraisal may be appropriate, for example, at the completion of a special project.

    During your performance appraisal, you should expect an open discussion about your strengths and areas where improvement can be made. We will develop clear objectives to continually enhance your performance and to ensure continued professional growth.

  • 6. What happens when I begin a project with the client?

    Digitek professionals take pride in being prepared. Before your assignment begins, you would receive a thorough briefing of the project objectives and your expected role in the project. Your Digitek representative will always be available to answer any questions.

    Once the project begins, you should expect a frequent follow up from your Digitek representative to ensure that you are comfortable in your environment, and that you are becoming an integral part of the team. As initial weeks pass, the frequency of this contact may decrease; however, we will always be only a phone call away!

  • 7. Does Digitek offer training?

    Yes, absolutely! Digitek makes available several training opportunities due to our partnerships with industry leaders.

  • 8. What happens at the end of my assignment?

    The Digitek marketing team usually gets an advance notice before your assignment actually ends. They would start a campaign, even prior to your completion date, to identify the next challenge for you. We will keep you fully informed of such opportunities and make sure that any opportunity suits your career goals.

  • 9. Does Digitek allow its consultants to become a full-time employee of the client?

    Do you really want to leave us? We are so disappointed! However, we realize that at times, it is in the best interest of everyone that our consultants become employees of the client. After all, you might be our best ambassador to the client. We will evaluate each situation on its individual merits and arrive at a decision that benefits everyone.